What are you paying for “integration”?

A major issue with internet based services for small businesses is that there is almost no integration available. Want to host a website? Sure! You can find dozens who offer visual website builders. Want a POS? You probably have a dozen brochures sitting in the house somewhere. Want email hosting? Again, no shortage. However, you have to have separate accounts for each, with their own interfaces and, of course, separate fees for all.

Not only is it time consuming, it’s also expensive for a small business owner. These services essentially nickel and dime you to death. They do offer integration among different service providers. For example, you can host your website with one vendor, and have the domain based email hosted by another. So you do have “integration”, but since they’re not one host, one service provider, you can get the run around if you have an issue. For example, if the domain name and email service aren’t playing nice with each other, is it the website host’s issue or the email host’s? How will you find out? Many times the user will be referred back and forth between the two providers before the issue is solved. That is IF the issue gets resolved at all.

At Wrkmash this was the major consideration for us. Keep all important service in-house so we know exactly how they are working, what their requirements are, and if there’s an issue we can quickly get to the bottom of it and fix it without relaying on a third party. So you as a customer get a seamless experience, while saving valuable time and money.

Give us a try. You’ll see the difference.