Save your products in one place. Manage from many places.

One of the persistent themes of Wrkmash is the way our apps interact with each other. This is because many of them work from the same information repository. For example, the point of sale, the E-Commerce website and the accounting application, all access the same inventory. This has obvious benefits, as the inventory gets updated whether a sale is made in your brick and mortar store, on your website or at a fair somewhere. And all that information is captured by the accounting app to show you your sales in these different areas.

To take it a step further, we have also made it easier to add and update that information. So, if you’re in your E-Commerce site area and want to add or update inventory, you don’t have to go to the inventory interface to do so. Just add or edit the inventory information within the site interface. When you have saved the information, it will be show up in all other areas.

So, a product added in the point of sale will show up on your website if you have also enabled the E-Commerce option, and vice versa.

Another little way we have tried to make it easy for you to use.

Try it for yourself.