What the FAQ!?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the page that will teach me how to send an invoice or setup my store?

No, this page is dedicated to answering questions about the product for future users. If you are looking for help with the Wrkmash Portal please call (770) 405-9612 or start a live chat. Further information can be found in our Resources section above or by clicking below.

Are there any setup fees?

Nope, what you see is what you get. You will only ever be charged for services that you wish to update.

Do I need to pay extra to take credit cards?

Aside from the monthly Wrkmash subscription (if you are on a paid tier), you will have processing fees if you wish to utilize our merchant services. This is a normal part of doing business and our customers have saved $1000s or more by switching to Wrkmash.

Do I need to download anything?

There is no software needed, Wrkmash is cloud-based. You can view your business from any device at any time.

I don’t own a domain. Where do I get one from?

We offer domain services as well, so you can purchase a domain from our interface. You will own the domain. We will host the website and email for it. If you were to want to move to another service (e.g. if your business becomes too big for a “small business” category, and would need appropriate services), you would keep your domain, and just point it to the new hosting servers.

I own my domain. How will that work?

You can simply point the domain to our servers. There are detailed instructions on how to do that in your Wrkmash control panel, but we will be happy to walk you through it also. Just contact us via email, chat or phone once you’ve signed up.

What email software do I use?

Wrkmash will host your email on the server side, so you can use any email software you choose for your desktop or mobile phone. For example, you can use the email app provided by android or iOS on your mobile phone. You can use Outlook on your desktop (or any other email software of your choice). You can also use your gmail account to receive and send your domain based email. You just need to mailbox credentials to set it up. There are detailed instructions on this in your Wrkmash control panel, and we’d be happy to walk you through should you need any help. Finally, you can simply use the web interface by logging in to it with any browser with your login credentials.

What kind of website plugins do you offer?

Unlike many of the website hosts out there we use WordPress platform for our website hosting (it’s just much easier to use with our visual website builder). This means that with us you have access to the largest collection of website plugins available anywhere. We keep them secure so if you don’t see a particular plugin in your plugins folder just let us know and we’ll add it (after our plugin security check).