Our Purpose

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Wrkmash. On this page we will provide the reason why Wrkmash exists and an overview of the products and services we offer.

The Need

Small businesses are the engine on which the world runs. They are the largest source of revenue, employment and innovation. They are the cradle of creativity. Without small businesses we would not have “niche” products. We would not have craftsmanship. We would not have any ‘interesting things’.

Yet, small business owners are the least recognized heroes of society. They toil in obscurity, short profit margins and long long work hours. It’s a thankless job that needs them round the clock. As if that were not enough, today’s small business owners face an uphill task, an existential threat from conglomerates that are fast encroaching on their territories. What used to be the ‘walmartization’ of the business world, and is now the ‘Amazonization’ is slowly killing off small businesses, and with them the quality of products and services that only small businesses can offer.

This landscape was the birthplace for the idea of Wrkmash.

The Solution

At Wrkmash we wanted to provide some help to small business owners to simplify and streamline some of their work so they could better compete with the larger corporations. After many conversations with small business owners the central idea of Wrkmash was born. To create a single back office for small business owners to manage all aspects of their business, at a reasonable price. Only we went a step further, and made our applications free to use. Yes, our first tier is free. Forever. Seriously. So you can start using our apps until you are able to generate revenue without exorbitant costs. You can upgrade to the paid tiers whenever you'd like.

At first glance this does not sound like a novel idea. But look around and you’ll realize that no such service actually exists. Even today. What exists are SaaS companies that offer single solutions at crazy high prices. Once you’re finished adding all the different services you need, you’re paying hundreds of dollars - sometimes thousands - for a patchwork of services that offer no integration. All working on their own. All requiring separate logins. So you spend more time, and more money, and get little in return.

Tools and Services

Wrkmash is a web based platform that combines all management functions for small businesses into a single, easy to use interface. Currently this includes Accounting, Website, Email (with your domain name), Online Store applications, and with it a full suite of small business services like virtual assistant, social media management, and others. And we are adding more tools, features and services on a regular basis. Each of these ‘apps’ is robust, user friendly and feature rich and can support your business well on its own. Together they make a seamless and comprehensive business management platform that can help save your business money and time. Add the services for any tasks you don't have time to do, and Wrkmash can become indispensable to your business success.

You don’t need to install any software. Simply create an online account, enter your business information, and start running your business from anywhere and from any device.

You can use our apps from anywhere and on any device. You just need an internet connection.

And best of all, they are free to start using.


Wrkmash is not just a collection of applications for which we have created a single login. All these apps work together to help you run your business more efficiently, saving you precious time and money. For example, if you have multiple physical locations you can move inventory around from store to store. You can assign one store as your ‘warehouse’ for your website, and when an item sells on your website it is automatically subtracted from the store’s inventory so you don’t sell it on the store. Your sales from your online store is automatically entered in accounting so you don’t have to make entries.

Control Panel

You can control all these apps, and have a customized ‘at a glance’ view of your business’s performance from the Control Panel. In this control panel you can select which reports you want to see in your dashboard. You can create and send invoices, you can update your inventory, add or edit email addresses, pick the reports you want to see daily when you log in, and even edit your website right from your control panel. No separate sign-ins needed. Everything is at your fingertips.

All these features save you valuable time so you can devote it to your business to make it grow. They are also available to you for much less saving you money.

Let's Grow Together

We are continually adding more features, tools and services. As you use Wrkmash, you will see new betas show up on your control panel (the main screen when you log in). You will get a chance to play around with the beta and provide feedback on how we can improve it for you. Once it’s ready for full release you can decide whether to use it or not, and will be able to add it as a paid service if you do.

So join us and grow with us so together we can change the small business landscape and make it more favorable for people like you.