Why should you choose Wrkmash?

A Small Business Owner’s Dilemma

As a small business owner you’ve been ‘nickeled and dimed’ to death by service providers. Separate account for a website. Separate for accounting. And separate logins for all!

And they add up. Fast!

At Wrkmash we believe that it’s not just wrong, it’s bad business, and bad product design. And we have a better alternative to save you valuable time and money.

Other Services

You’ve seen the names. You might have used their services. You might even be using them right now. Single solutions that charge an arm and a leg for providing you limited use. Squarespace, Wix and others provide websites, but not domain based email. Shopify provides online store but nothing else. Quickbooks has accounting covered, but that’s it.

And they all charge you like their services are some kind of red carpet, white glove offering that only royalty can afford. Wrkmash breaks that mold and offers all the common services and a small business needs to get started and running, in one place. No separate logins, no segmented data, no exorbitant fees. All your work in one place.

How we compare

Below you can see how the top service providers for small businesses stack against us. When we say ‘all your work in one place’ we mean it.

Wrkmash Shopify Squarepace Wix Waveapps Quickbooks Gosite Thryv
Online Store
Email Service
Inventory Management Higher tier only Higher tier only Higher tier only Limited
Robust Reporting Higher tier only Higher tier only Higher tier only
Higher tier only
Free Forever Tier

And we’re not done yet. We continue to add new features and apps to make it easier for you to run your business.

So join us and see for yourself how a service built around your needs looks and feels like. We think you will like what you see.