Domain Based Email

A gmail email address is not the most professional way to deal with clients and customers. However, many small business owners don’t know how you set that up even when they have their own websites and their own domain name. This is because many services that offer visual website hosting don’t offer email service.

We at Wrkmash think that’s just wrong. If you paid for your domain and pay for a website you should never have to communicate with your customers with a gmail or hotmail account. So domain based email is included with all our service packages.

Our email service is easy to set up, secure and can be used on any platform. Just go to the Email Management section of your Control Panel, create the email addresses your business needs and start using them.

You can send and receive emails via our web interface (just go to yourdomain/webmail and log in with your email and password) or by configuring an email client on your computer or phone, and communicate with your customers securely from anywhere. Your email also comes with Spam Assassin so you don’t get inundated with unwanted spam emails.