Start Making Money Today

It’s no secret that most people want financial wealth and the opportunity to live a life of luxury, but what are the chances of actually getting there? It’s hard enough just getting to a comfortable place of financial freedom, let alone thinking about yacht insurance. First off, it’s a good idea to come up with some solid goals and strategies for attaining what we should be calling – financial freedom. To put it simply, financial freedom should be never having to say “no” because you can’t afford it, only because it’s not necessary – it being something of somewhat realistic value. Leave the 20 million dollar mansions and sports teams to the billionaires and celebrities.


In order to achieve their goals, many people in the labor force have what they call “side hustles,” in order to bring home the bacon. These are small and odd jobs that people choose to do aside from their regular 9 to 5 jobs. While some of these styles of making money are slightly creative, others are down right gritty. But we have seen, with the right amount of determination and grind, millionaire status can be achieved. Heck, some side hustles have even produced billionaires, but they were using the right tools!


There are plenty of opportunities to make a little extra cash every month. Finance Buzz has a good read on some interesting ways of doing just that. Options are only increasing as tech develops. “Working” for companies like Instacart, Grubhub, Doordash, Uber, ClickList, and more, give people the chance to make some real money from their side hustle, but it may not last or it may be seasonal.


One of the biggest problems with side hustles is that there is usually not much passion involved. It can be very tedious. Nowadays, if you DO have a passion for something, it can be very easy to monetize it. Then you get to do what you love everyday and make a living off it. We can thank the Internet and social media companies for making it easier to reach the masses. Products like Wrkmash and the integrations it provides can turn every day hobbies into small business masterpieces. Then you get to do what you love and enjoy financial freedom all at once.