Domain based email for your business

Wrkmash is different from other visual website building services because our aim is to offer a complete suite of services. That’s why we are the only service that offers domain based email as part of our service.

So, if your website is “”, then you can have, or any other email address with your domain that you need. All on the same platform. All free.

It is the easiest interface you’ll ever use. Just go to the Email Settings area in your account, add the email address you want, add a user name and password, and that’s it. You’re done.

When setting up our email feature we went with the Zimbra platform, which is a widely used, feature rich and secure platform that can be used from a web interface or from any email client. We use IMAP so you can access your email real-time. Whether you’re on a desktop or using a mobile interface, you can access your email with ease.

Still using separate email service with your Shopify or Squarespace account? Or using a (gasp!) gmail account to communicate with your customers? Time to check out Wrkmash.