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Steve's daughter TR!!!
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by Guest on Saturday, 02.July 2005 10:11 PM

Hi there,

My name is Taline and I am Steve’s youngest daughter. I am also in the hair business however I specialize in hair colour.

My father did my first TR about 11 months ago and it changed my life completely!! Obviously I have only known my father to be a specialist in hair straightening and he has always been incredible at doing so but this technique that he has mastered has been by far the most exciting!

I have very curly hair with a whole lot of frizz, I HATE FRIZZY HAIR with a passion! Thru decent weather my 45-60 minute blow dry would look quite nice but once the humidity, rain or snow set in there came the horrible unruly FRIZZ, when my hair gets frizzy my day is bad. Not to mention I love to salsa dance being that my husband is a Salsa dance instructor and one or two dances into the night and a little bit of sweat and there came the frizz, it’s instant diva hair to frizzy freak!!

I am now about 5 ½ months pregnant and I couldn’t wait to get my second TR done, I don’t think I can go back to my natural hair, my blow dry’s only took me 15 minutes to dry from start to finish and that’s a picky blow dry! The highest of humidity would barely make my hair budge and I could go out for a whole night of salsa dancing and would leave looking very decent, maybe a little wave but NO FRIZZ!! It’s a miracle.

My father had some concerns doing my recent TR being pregnant, the smell of the thio could cause me discomfort, maybe too many bathroom breaks which would interfere with his work, he gave me the worst case scenario and cautioned me that my hair may revert a bit due to my hormone fluctuation during pregnancy however everything went very well, the salon that he works out of has very high ceilings and a great ventilation system and I followed his instructions carefully once my TR process was completed. He asked me not to shampoo my hair for 4 days instead of the normal 3 days and that I should run the blow dryer once or twice and to slide the iron through my hair once a day for the next 4 days, he explained that this helps remove the moisture from my hair and the extra time would give the glue-like proteins in the hair to harden and hold its new straight shape.

Well everything worked out exceptionally well, my hair has been absolutely perfect, nice and straight with some body and NO FRIZZ!!

My father took the time to baby my hair with all his special methods, he never skips a step or rushes through a TR process, even though I’m his daughter and I’m actually costing him time and money!! He is extremely passionate about his specialty and I always say to people including my clients that he is the most passionate hairdresser I’ve ever known and trust me I’ve been working for some of the best salons in the industry!!

Anyways I’ll be having a fantastic summer with my non-frizzy hair and I wish you all the same!



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